Fashion Resolutions For the New Year

Making a few Fashion Resolutions for the new year can be a great way to start the year off right. Some resolutions you can make are to purchase more pieces that will last you a long time, invest in accessories, and buy more seasonal pieces. Keeping these in mind, you can make sure your wardrobe has pieces that you will enjoy wearing every season. Here are a few ideas for your New Year’s Eve look. Keep reading for some ways to make your resolutions a success!

Investing in a wardrobe

Investing in your wardrobe as a fashion resolution can be as simple as changing a color or finding a new silhouette. Breaking out of your comfort zone is easier said than done, but it’s definitely possible. The best way to learn how to make these changes is with a little help. Today’s wardrobes are made with easy-care materials, and each piece comes with washing instructions. There’s rarely a wrong choice when you follow these instructions.

Buying pieces that will last

When it comes to your style, your fashion resolution should be focused on purchasing pieces that will last you for many seasons. One way to make sure that you don’t buy things that won’t be worn again is to take the #30wears challenge. If you’ve never taken this challenge, simply ask yourself this question before buying a piece of clothing. If you can’t answer that question honestly, then you might want to rethink your purchase. In addition, look for pieces that you can wear with other clothes.

Investing in accessories

If you’re considering making a change to your wardrobe this year, investing in accessories is a great way to add a fresh new look. A classic black dress can be transformed by adding a pair of pumps, a clutch bag, a pearl bracelet, or even a rucksack. By investing in quality and unique accessories, you can make an outfit stand out and feel special no matter where you go.

The fashion resale industry is a growing trend for young people. People invest hundreds or even thousands of pounds on rare accessories. The market is constantly growing, and it is difficult to say whether investing in fashion is a good investment strategy or not. The biggest challenge is finding high-quality items to resell. If you’re unsure, consider looking at vintage items or premium brands. Vintage and premium items are always worth the investment, but be prepared to pay a premium for them. Also, remember that worn items can lose half of their value.

Investing in seasonal pieces

Investing in seasonal pieces is an excellent way to invest in the newest trends without breaking your budget. Autumn is a time of layering and thick fabrics. Investing in season pieces is a conscious decision that will be more likely to last than impulse purchases. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in the latest trends:

Investing in versatile pieces

As a senior female leader, you’ll find yourself presenting to the Executive Team and Board of Directors on a regular basis. For these occasions, investing in a power-colour tailored blazer can lend you presence. The same goes for a leather jacket, which you can wear casually or even outside of work. This type of wardrobe investment will give you more wears than you might think.

Investing in quality pieces may cost more up front, but you’ll save money in the long run. Investing in timeless pieces is a good way to get maximum value from your money. A versatile piece will not only suit different occasions, but it will also get more mileage from other pieces in your wardrobe. Therefore, investing in timeless, classic pieces is a smart way to start the new year.

Investing in eco-friendly labels

Sustainable brands and products are a hot topic this year. Investing in these labels can help you buy more ethically produced clothing and lessen your impact on the environment. One example is Omnes, the sustainable equivalent of Zara and Topshop. This brand features trend-led shapes in environmentally-friendly materials. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Omnes also features some of the best-selling clothing brands in the world.

Fashion companies are responsible for a large portion of global carbon emissions. This is more than all international air flights and ocean shipping combined. As a result, many consumers are becoming more conscious of the fast-fashion industry’s impact on the environment and biodiversity. Fortunately, there are many companies producing fashionable items that do not hurt the environment. And the industry is responding to this growing consumer demand.

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