How to Choose the Best Salon Software

The best salon software is one that allows you to manage all aspects of your business with ease. Not only should it be user-friendly, it should also provide features to help you manage your business efficiently and free up time for service. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your needs. You can also check out this article for more information. Here are a few of the features of some popular salon software:


Despite having a comprehensive list of features, Schedulicity in salon software doesn’t offer all of the integrations you’d expect. While its booking system and color-coding feature make it easy to create appointments, Schedulicity doesn’t have the robust reporting engine that other salon software systems do. But it does make appointment scheduling much easier, letting you manage and schedule your staff’s time and client profiles with ease.

Schedulicity works with both Square and Stripe. It also allows you to access discounted rates through a feature called “Schedulicity Pay,” and it comes with a free card reader. It also allows you to customize your checkout process with a number of payment options and can be accessed via an iOS or Android app. But before you get started, it’s worth noting that Schedulicity doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can try out the basic version for a limited amount of time, and upgrade to the more robust version when you’re ready.


If you have a small to medium-sized salon, Mangomint is a great option for managing your business. This salon management software helps independent beauty salons and spas manage their operations. Its powerful tools help salon owners track appointments by priority, control access to specific features, and streamline check-in/check-out processes for staff. Here are some features of Mangomint that you may find useful. You can download a demo version of Mangomint for free to check it out.

The pricing of Mangomint is dynamic and depends on the number of appointments that you schedule. You can use a Bluetooth card reader, which costs around $100 per device, to accept payments. It also has mobile apps for Android and Apple devices, with a 5/5 user rating on the Apple Appstore. As of the time of writing, there have been 13 reviews of Mangomint. If you want to try the software before purchasing it, check out its website.

DaySmart Salon

DaySmart Salon is a business management software solution designed specifically for the beauty salon industry. Its suite of business management software includes Salon Iris, Orchid, 123Pet, and Inkbook. DaySmart Software has been in business for over 15 years and is recognized by Inc. 5000 as a small business champion. You can learn more about DaySmart Salon software by browsing their website. You can also download the software and try it out for free.

The software is available in 5 packages, with each offering the same basic features. All five of them offer appointment scheduling, online booking, reporting, and credit card processing. Basic, Deluxe, and Pro packages all include client management and reputation management features. The Deluxe package has more advanced features, such as text marketing, membership billing, time clocks, and client management. Depending on your budget, you can choose a package that includes all the features you need for your salon’s needs.


You should choose a Shedul salon software that suits the specific needs of your business. You need to decide what kind of clients and staff you want to serve and what niche you operate in. While some salon software solutions are suitable for all businesses, others aren’t. Make sure to choose one that is tailored to your business’ needs and provides all of the basic features your staff will need, while still offering more complex tools to experts.

Shedul is easy to use. Signing up only takes 20 seconds. Then you’re guided through the process of setting up your schedule and adding staff and services. Then, you can view bookings in one calendar. Shedul’s scheduling feature lets you view and edit appointments from multiple locations. It also lets you manage multiple staff members at the same time. The main difference between Shedul and other salon software is the price.

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