How to Surprise Your Employees

If your employees consistently exceed expectations, consider a variety of ways to surprise them. From giving them a day off to providing an ice cream truck, there are plenty of ideas for a fun staff outing. Consider using the following tips to surprise your employees. You might be surprised to learn how you can make their day extra special. Listed below are some ways to surprise your employees. Just be sure to enforce and publicize your surprise policy.

Rewarding employees with a day off

If you’re looking for a creative way to reward your employees, reward them with a day off. Not only is a day off valuable to a professional, but it also boosts morale. Employees are energized by having the day to pursue personal interests. By giving them a day off, you’ll be showing them that you value their input and their contribution to the business. But how do you go about rewarding top performers?

First, consider handwritten notes. Not only do they show that you appreciate their efforts, but they are free and you don’t have to spend money on ink. If possible, reward them by calling them in for a brief, nice note. Even a handwritten note can make a big difference. Even a few words of gratitude can go a long way. It may seem petty, but the gesture will make them feel that you appreciate their work and care enough to make it special.

Rewarding employees with a meal on the house

There are many ways to reward employees. Consider offering a meal on the house, which can include an office bbq or a private chef. Many employees prefer experiences over material things. You can also create a contest based on employee attendance or company culture. Millennials in particular enjoy this type of incentive. In fact, 72 percent prefer experiences to material things. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Rewarding employees with food is a time-honored practice that goes back to law firms and investment banking. In this way, employers could reward employees for working late at home and earning more money. While this may seem like a great way to motivate employees, it often backfires. The best way to avoid the food reward paradox is to offer a varied menu. Provide employees with a variety of food options so they can choose what best fits their taste.

Rewarding employees with a ping pong table

Rewarding employees with a ping-pong table was the wrong approach for the energy sector. It didn’t change the culture or create a more positive and collaborative workplace. It also replaced other more important motivational tools like nerf wars, and the company’s inspirational purpose. Its introduction demonstrated that the culture was broken. Instead of rewarding employees for being productive, it encouraged employees to waste time with coworkers.

A ping-pong table is not the answer to work-life balance. Employees need time to relax and recharge from their busy work days. They need time to engage in non-work life and unwind from their work. Burnout decreases productivity and increases turnover. A ping-pong table fosters healthy social interactions and improves communication. However, the perks of a ping-pong table are more than just fun.

Rewarding employees with an ice cream truck

Rewarding employees with an ice cream delivery truck is a fun way to show appreciation for hard work and commitment. The truck can visit the loading dock and serve novelty treats such as Strawberry Shortcakes, Bomb Pops, and ice cream sandwiches. It also serves as an effective way to show appreciation to your employees. The ice cream truck can also be rented on the company’s dime for special events or team building exercises.

As a small business owner, you should consider offering your employees benefits and competitive pay. The ice cream truck business typically has high employee turnover, which can be costly to the business. Also, as an ice cream truck business owner, you will likely have to find your own insurance, which can be a major hassle. In addition, you will likely spend most of your time working alone, and may not interact with the rest of your team very much.

Rewarding employees with a massage therapist

Rewarding employees with a massage therapy session is an excellent way to improve their health and well-being. Massages increase blood flow and circulation and release endorphins and other important hormones. Massages help employees relieve stress and tension, so the extra cash will go a long way toward improving employee retention. Additionally, employees will feel rejuvenated after a massage, which will increase their productivity and overall well-being.

A simple, quick way to reward employees is to offer a massage. You can arrange a lunch and learn where employees can learn about a new product or service while getting a massage. This can help generate excitement for the event and increase turnout. Even staff members who are on the fence may be convinced to attend if they receive a free massage. Also, a short massage has been shown to improve alertness and cognitive performance.

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