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Before you buy a reloading press, make sure to know the difference between the various models. Here, we’ll look at the Lee Precision II, Dillon Precision, and Redding Big Boss 2 models. Read on to find out which one is best for you! You’ll be glad you did. After all, it’s the gunsmith’s best friend. This machine features an automatic advance system and ejection of the completed round. It is also ideal for shooting clay targets but not suitable for waterfowl or other heavy loads.

Forster Co-Ax

One of the best reloading presses available today is the Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Reloading Press. It features unique snap-in die changing and three times the mechanical advantage of ordinary “C” presses. It can be operated with either hand, making it easy to use by right or left-handed shooters. The dies are self-actuating, and are designed to fit most standard calibers.

The Co-Ax reloading press features a unique top priming device that seats primers perfectly. Its dual floating guide rods provide positive extraction with no torque on the case head or pivots. It can accept most standard reloading dies, but Forster recommends Cross Bolt Locking Rings to secure your cases. The Co-Ax accepts 7/8″-14 reloading dies.

Lee Precision II

The Lee Precision II reloading press machine is an excellent choice for the average hobbyist. It comes with molded bushings and a limited lifetime guarantee. In addition, the company’s customer service is excellent, and turn-around time is quick. There is a 20-gauge version of this reloading press, but if you want to load shells for both gauges, you should get both presses.

The Lee Precision II shotshell reloading press is an excellent choice for the average shooter who wants to reload their own shotgun shells at home. This complete reloading press has an easy learning curve, and comes with detailed instructions. A typical shotgun shell will have a velocity of 2.75″ to 3.5″. However, this reloading press machine is not capable of loading shot shells longer than three inches in length.

Dillon Precision

Dillon Precision is known for producing some of the best reloading press machines on the market. With a wide range of options to suit different requirements, the Dillon RL1100 is ideal for common handgun calibers. This machine has the ability to load cartridges as large as 2.75″ in length. It also features a variable speed case feeder. The XL 750 weighs 47 lbs. with the optional Casefeeder.

Among its reloading press machines, the Dillon XL 750 Reloading Press is a high-speed magazine. It’s designed to handle both pistol and rifle cartridges and measures 32 inches tall without the optional case feeder. The press also comes with two powder bars – one small and one large. These two features make the machine a versatile choice for high-speed reloading.

Redding Big Boss 2

The Redding Big Boss 2 Reloader is a high-end reloading press machine, showcasing some of the same great features as the original Boss model. It features an all-steel frame, adjustable hydraulic pressure, and compound leverage system. In addition, it also includes an innovative spent primer collection system, which directs spent primers away from the press. Another great feature is its molded plastic sight window and unbreakable cartridge holder.

The Big Boss II is available in kit form, including a shell holder, and your choice of Series “A” full length die set. The machine features an integrated primer collection system, which automatically swings into position during a ram stroke. It can also hold hundreds of spent primers, which can be routed to a trash bin. The machine also features an automatic “smart” primer arm, which automatically swings into position during the ram stroke and automatically primes the bullet at the end of the ram stroke.

Hornady Lock-N-Load

The Hornady Lock-N-Lad AP reloading press machine is a reliable, high-quality reloading machine that can handle multiple calibers with ease. This reloading machine has an automatic indexing system with each station moving a half stage up or down the upswing. It is designed for precise reloading every time.

This five-station, automatic reloading press has patented Quick Tool Change technology and a full-size powder measure. Its EZ-ject system ensures accurate and reliable ejection of each cartridge, and you can easily change the caliber in under 5 minutes. The Hornad Lock-N-Load AP also features a five-station die platform and case retainer.


When you’re looking for a Lyman reloading press machine, you’ll want to look for one with at least eight loading stations. There are several different types of these machines, and each one has its own unique set of features and advantages. Listed below are a few that are perfect for beginners and experienced reloaders. You can also purchase used ones at a great price. Listed below are the pros and cons of each type of Lyman reloading press machine.

Purchasing a Lyman reloading press machine is an investment in your future. This machine will provide you with the precision you need to start reloading with high-quality ammunition. In addition to the price, you’ll find a variety of additional accessories to improve your reloading process. You’ll want to invest in a bench wrench and a shellplate. This combination will allow you to make bullets with ease.

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