Scrap Metal Recycling – What Are the Differences Between Copper and Steel?

If you have a home full of unwanted items, you may want to consider scrap metal recycling. You can find metals in many different categories, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This article will explore the differences between copper and steel. Once you’ve sorted through these items, you can decide whether or not they can be recycled. Copper is a particularly valuable metal, and can be found in old power cords and computer cables. Other valuable materials you can find at a scrap metal collection center include copper-based batteries, electromagnets, and cooking pans.

Non-ferrous metals

The process of scrap metal recycling begins with separating ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The metals are then compressed into large bales. The large metal pieces are then run through a shearing machine, reducing them to manageable sizes. Once the bales are homogeneous, they are melted and cast into ingots, which can be sold as new metal or transformed into sheets for reuse.

Ferrous metals

As of 2015, the United States exported 32 million metric tons of reclaimed scrap metals. Most of that went to Mexico, Turkey, India, China, and South Korea. This is an impressive amount of recycled metal, and contributes to balancing trade and economic benefits, but the price of reclaimed scrap is volatile and varies as much as the stock market. Here are some tips to help you sell ferrous metals for scrap.

Mixed metals

If you have a home, you might have a number of household items made from metals you can recycle. Whether you’re looking to upcycle an old car or scrap metal, you’ll probably have a number of items in your garage that contain metals. Recycling them will ensure you get more money. Here are some of the common items made from metal that you can recycle. Some of these items can be sent to a scrap metal yard for more money.


Copper scrap metal recycling offers numerous environmental benefits. Not only does copper recycling conserve precious natural resources, it also saves energy and human effort. During the production process, copper requires huge amounts of energy for different processing steps. By recycling, the energy is recovered and used for renewable resources and alternative fuels. Recycling companies such as E Planet Scrap Metal Recycling have a long track record of recovering copper from scrap metal. The following information will provide you with the basics on copper scrap metal recycling.


The price of aluminum scrap varies based on its quality and grade. The price of aluminum is also affected by its demand on the international and domestic markets. Knowing the current price of scrap metal before you begin collecting it can help you negotiate a fair price with the scrap dealer. This article will discuss some of the different types of aluminum scrap metal and their prices. You can also use this information to find out how much you can expect to make by recycling your aluminum.

Lead-acid batteries

If you are considering scrap metal recycling for lead-acid batteries, you are not alone. More people are turning to recycling as a way to prevent the pollution and lead from ending up in landfills. Lead-acid batteries are one of the world’s most widely recycled items. These are recyclable, as they contain about two to three litres of sulfuric acid and lead. The lead in these batteries is extremely toxic, accumulating in our bodies over time. Additionally, lead mining and toxicity have serious consequences for the environment.

Public property

In California, scrap metal recycling is regulated as public property. This law states that the commission has the right to enter private property to collect and process scrap metal. The commission can also enter private property with management’s consent. Agents of the commission must notify the management of their presence and present proper credentials to gain access to the property. The purpose of scrap metal recycling is to prevent the improper disposal of scrap metal. Therefore, all forms of scrap metal, from copper to lead, must be recycled responsibly.

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