Top 5 Shrink Sleeve Machines

When you are searching for a shrink sleeve machine, you need to look for a machine that can handle a wide variety of containers. Here are some of the top models that are available. These models are designed for high-volume production and are perfect for the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, health and beauty industries. They are engineered to handle both round and oval containers, as well as glass, metal, and plastic containers. Some of them are also available with options to handle non-cylindrical containers.

PDC Europe

If you’re looking to increase productivity and cut costs while shrink sleeving products, PDC Europe has you covered. They’ve pioneered shrink sleeve machinery and offer custom-built machines for every need. These high-speed machines can sleeve products ranging from 5ml to 200l. PDC machines are also ideal for full height labeling.

PDC Europe was founded in 1984 by Jean-Claude Vandevoorde. He invented the stretch sleeve applicator and quickly made the company a world leader in the field. The company is still owned and operated by Jean-Claude Vandevoorde’s children, Derek and Celine. Derek is president and Celine runs the Customer Service department. These two siblings share a family ethos and have worked together to make PDC Europe the company it is today.

PDC Europe manufactures stretch and shrink sleeve machines for packaging manufacturers around the world. Their headquarters are in Montdidier, France. Their machines operate in every continent and are used by companies like Nestle Purina, Coca-cola, and P&G.


Whether you’re looking for a reliable shrink sleeving machine that can handle medium-to-high-volume production rates, the LX-150 is a good choice. Its high-speed, single-blade centrifugal cutting mechanism allows for speeds of 80 CPM or higher. The machine is also capable of handling films ranging in thickness from 35 microns to 70 microns. It comes with a quick change system that is easy to operate, and its durable design is built for maximum uptime and lower cost of ownership.

American Film & Machinery’s LX-100 shrink sleeve machine is a single head model that can shrink labels with an average speed of 80 CPM. This machine is suitable for use on plastic, glass, and metal containers. It also comes with dual heat banks and a single fan.


The SL-200 shrink sleeve machine comes with a variety of features for labeling a variety of products. Its integrated color touch screen controls and HMI control enable you to easily operate the machine. Its advanced cutting mechanism is designed to produce a consistent film thickness of 35 microns to 70 microns.

The SL-200 shrink sleeve machine from Generic Manufacturing is ideal for full-body shrink sleeve labeling, tamper evident banding, and sleeve seal applications. It features a durable Stainless Steel frame and a complete tooling set, including a motorized unwind reel. It is also equipped with a built-in label cutter and a servo-controlled cutting mechanism.


The SL-300 Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator is a highly automated, versatile machine for shrink sleeve label application. Its features include servo-driven sleeve handling, an Allen Bradley PLC Control, and a color touch screen. The machine has a single head for accurate sleeve placement and can handle up to 300 products per minute. It also comes with a user-friendly touch-screen control panel and password-protected menus for added security.

The SL-300 shrink sleeves machine features a robust, low-footprint design and ergonomics for operator safety. Its auto-sleeve system features a precision shrink sleeve cutter and perforator to provide a high-quality shrink sleeve label. It also offers full-color, 360-degree-printed labels and motorized head height adjustment.

SL2-xxx series

The SL2-xxx series shrink sleeving machines are designed for high volume, high-quality shrink sleeving of containers. They feature a beefy frame and can sleeve containers at speeds of up to 300 bottles per minute. The SL2 series sleevers are more robust than the SL1 series.

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