What Does an Event Planner Do?

Event management is the application of project management techniques to large-scale events, from small, personal gatherings to large-scale corporate gatherings. Such events include conferences, weddings, formal parties, concerts, and conventions. In addition, an Event Planner can assist in the development of customized marketing campaigns to market products and services.

Job description

The job description of an event planner includes overseeing the planning and implementation of an event. This role involves coordinating vendors, ensuring compliance with regulations, and ensuring that the event day runs smoothly. This position requires a high level of attention to detail, good interpersonal skills, and an ability to work under pressure.

The job description should include the primary responsibilities and include information about direct reports, expected results, and the company’s culture. It should also outline the different departments an event planner will interact with. It should also include information on what skills and training is necessary for the role. Some companies include a brief description of their company and notable clients in their job descriptions.

Event planner job descriptions should also be customized to suit different applicants. They can highlight years of experience, seniority, or management. They can also highlight outside event experience, such as involvement in events associations. It is critical to include a background in the industry, as many new comers to the profession have only work experience.

Education required

To become a professional event planner, you must complete a formal course of study. There are several options to pursue. You can complete a program offered by a local college or university or by online courses. There are also professional designations from organizations such as ISES. These credentials are useful for the event planning industry and will improve your skills. These credentials are also recognized by your peers.

Those seeking a career as an event planner must have strong communication skills. Many successful event coordinators come from a communication background. Coursework in this field typically includes mass media, theory and models of communication, linguistics, and the role of language in society. Students may also take courses in media ethics and journalism, strategic communication for social media, and public relations principles. However, experience in the field is much more important than formal educational background.

Event planners often begin their careers by volunteering at events or working part-time. College courses in the field are also available, and many event planners hold degrees or certificates in communication or hospitality management. Those who are interested in this field can enroll in certificate programs or specialized courses offered by local colleges and professional organizations. Some schools also require an internship to gain hands-on experience in event planning.

Salary range

The average salary for event planners is close to $68,003 per year in the United States. The most highly paid event planners earn between $81,213 and $156,000 per year. Event planners in large cities like New York generally earn more than those in smaller towns. Experienced planners are also more likely to earn a higher salary.

Event planners must be meticulous and have good organizational skills, as even small events require numerous components. They also need to be able to work with people of different levels. In addition, they must have excellent negotiation skills, as they must make sure the event is within budget and get better deals from vendors.

Event planners also play an important role in organizing meetings and conventions. They coordinate many aspects of these gatherings, including food and entertainment. They also focus on the layout of the venue based on the purpose and number of attendees. These professionals make significant contributions to the hospitality industry. The average salary for an event planner was $48,000 per year in 2017, but the salary range varies widely depending on location and organization.

Work environment

Working as an event planner is a demanding job with a variety of responsibilities. It requires attention to detail and the ability to delegate tasks to other members of the event planning team. In addition, it requires great interpersonal skills and the ability to negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers. A good event planner needs to be able to manage their time well and delegate tasks to those who can best meet the client’s needs.

Event planners may work in an office, on-site at large venues, or at a conference center. They may also be responsible for answering phones and registering guests. They may also work long hours and on weekends, and may be required to work in a fast-paced environment. Regardless of the type of work they do, this job requires creative problem-solving skills and a desire to be creative.

An event planner works closely with clients to develop an event that meets their needs and budget. The job requires attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and a strong sense of customer service. They are also responsible for choosing and hiring vendors and talent. They must also understand business law and public relations.

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